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Re: raidtools and MAKEDEV

> Looks definitely wrong for a udev system.  Please file this in
> bugzilla, if you haven't done so yet.
>Well, /dev/MAKEDEV is a symlink to /sbin, if system was started with the new 

I just backed out my patch and it still fails. The problem is that udev is not
running when I do the installation. When the full path is given, there's no
problem during installation. This is not using anaconda, this is installing to a
test partition after building. You would never want udev to make entries into a
chroot test partition during install. Its fine when the system reboots to that

So what's the consensus? A quirk of my build system, or do you want to make
./MAKEDEV into a full path for raidtools? It should be simple enough to fix
raidtools to do this:

cd /dev
%if [ -x ./MAKEDEV ] ; then
  ./MAKEDEV -m 16 md
  /sbin/MAKEDEV -m 16 md

This solves it for old and new systems.

-Steve Grubb

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