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Re: vsftpd.conf

Dont you love it when you mention something at 1am without properly
thinking something through :)


> It shouldn't be required to ask questions to get a "bare bones" setup.

I don't think we should rule out the large majority of people coming
over from other OS's, these people being the "I know what I want to do
and why I want to do it, but don't quite know how to do it".
Realistically how often would you install a tcp service and leave it at

How many times have you heard someone say "I installed Linux, now what
do i do?"

Some people may like being asked questions while others do not, but it
doesn't hurt to give people the option. There must be quite a few uses
for more generalised post install package configuration tool which isn't
just limited to vsftpd and this thread.

> If you want a system that asks a bazillion questions on install time,
> doesn't guarantee they'll be translated, doesn't guarantee they'll be
> phrased intelligibly, and has tons and tons of infrastructure developed
> and maintained instead of just good configuration tools and intelligent
> defaults, you should install the OS produced over at
> http://www.debian.org.

Last time I used apt on debian from the command line i remember it
saying something along the lines of "The following packages need to be
configured before the can be used, would you like to configure them
now", not only does it tell you they need to be configured it also gives
you the option to help you do it, nor does it break automated installs.
Just like everything else Debian has its place and also has a pretty
good "bare bones" install itself.

I dont know why but not everyone likes trawling through man pages for
half their waking day trying to get something to work.

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