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Re: QA request: dosbox

Steven Pritchard wrote:
Anybody have a few minutes to spare?


The version of dosbox in fedora.us stable is well over a year old.
The newer version adds support for (at least some) protected-mode
games.  I was using it to play Tie Fighter this morning, in fact.
(My computer may not be good enough to run Doom3, but at least it can
run a decade-old game reasonably well...  ;-)

Anyway, this should be a really easy QA job for anyone who is

Well I'm interested, but there is a catch I also have 2 (obscure) packages which need QA, choose one and you've got a deal:

One problem though the 100% free website hosting I was using, has dropped the srpms after a week so that 100% sucks :)

Anyways I've got some webspace with a friend now, so I'll upload the srpms there and post a new URL in the bugs tonight (CET)



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