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Re: the fate of firewire

On Mon, Sep 13, 2004 at 07:40:03PM +1000, Colin Charles wrote:
> > Is Fedora Legacy on vendor-sec?
> Yes, I believe the Team Leader, Jesse Keating is in the know

Well, I'll take a look how quickly updates got/will be released
(when having coordinated releases).

> > And what do you mean with "join"?
> Start helping, testing packages, QA, building packages, and so on

I simply don't have the time for that. In my current situation, my
Linux servers are workhorses and I want/need to spend as few time
on maintaining them as possible. Red Hat Linux support cycle has
worked for that, Fedora doesn't anymore. I've completed the last
migration from my RHL 7.1 based servers to FC1 based servers a
couple of weeks ago, and now FC1 is already EOS. Wether Fedora Legacy
is a viable alternative for prolonged critical upgrade service will
have to be seen. I'll watch closely how timely security updates will
be released.

Really, this is not picking on anyone, as after all it's all free
as in beer. I just need a modern Linux distro with a (basic) support
cycle of about 3 years. I don't want to reinstall all my servers
every couple of months. And no, distro-upgrades are no option. Too
dangerous to end up with a messed-up system. So I usually install
a replacement server with a new distro version, and subsequently move
services over, then retire the old box. Worked nicely for 6.2 => 7.1
=> 9 => FC1 up to now.


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