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Re: the fate of firewire

Hi Arjan,

> there still appears to be problems with firewire, even in UP kernels.
> This makes me not happy ;-(

Yep, I sometimes get bitten by them too.  Though, in general, it mostly
works - See http://mirror.fluendo.com/cortado for an example of our use.

> The problem seems to mostly be people who do have a firewire controller
> but no firewire devices, and the symptoms are general "hangs during
> bootup sequence". 
> We already disabled firewire in smp kernels for this, but I fear that if
> things don't improve really soon that firewire becomes unkeepable for UP
> kernels as well.....

... but firewire currently are modules, right ? I don't think disabling
compilation completely makes any sense at all.  People for whom firewire
doesn't work well should just not use it, or fix it upstream.  I'd hate
to see Fedora a) change too much between major releases what is or is
not provided in the kernel or b) make it really really hard to have
firewire working (I think it's a bad idea to have users complie their
own kernel).

Out of curiosity, why is firewire such a problem child ? Are there
simply no kernel hackers interested in it ?


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