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Re: "Stateless Linux" project

Havoc Pennington wrote:

Red Hat engineering is starting a new project we're calling
"stateless Linux" for lack of a better name - some components of this
are already in Rawhide, and others will be appearing shortly.

We've been keeping the project a little bit quiet at first, but now
we've written it up in some detail:

 - an overview document, available from

 - a HOWTO document and a couple associated RPMs, available from

There aren't many new RPMs for this, because stateless Linux isn't a
single codebase or package, it's a set of changes across the
distribution (you might think of it as a "philosophy"). Most of the
changes are already in Rawhide (the highlights are mentioned in the
StatelessLinux.pdf document).

Appreciate feedback, especially from anyone who has time to try out
the HOWTO. We expect the code to change quite a bit as issues and
suggestions come in.

Ok I havent had time to deal with the HOWTO.. but this does look very good. A good many 'secure' locations will be looking for thick thin clients and the problems I have had with current solutions is that an update to the system was a pain in the butt. Having an architecture that can be used to update cleanly 8000 diskless machines without having to take each one down, rebuild the NFS diskspace from a master copy, and reboot is a win.

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