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Re: "Stateless Linux" project


I think this is a great idea and I work for a company that could make use of

However, I have never been able to get our 3COM cards working with PXE. Ive
tried many things and read different HOWTOs, short of changing to different
network cards.  

I have just tried the dhcp configuration in the "Stateless Linux" project
HOWTO document and still the client wont use the server: "No DHCP or ProxyDHCP
offers found"

Any ideas?


--- Havoc Pennington <hp reredhatom> wrote:

> Hi,
> Red Hat engineering is starting a new project we're calling
> "stateless Linux" for lack of a better name - some components of this
> are already in Rawhide, and others will be appearing shortly.
> We've been keeping the project a little bit quiet at first, but now
> we've written it up in some detail:
>  - an overview document, available from
>    hthttp/people.reredhatom/~hp/stateless/
>  - a HOHOWTOocument and a couple associated RPRPMsavailable from
>    hthttp/people.reredhatom/dmdmalcolmtateless/
> There aren't many new RPRPMsor this, because stateless Linux isn't a
> single cocodebaser package, it's a set of changes across the
> distribution (you might think of it as a "philosophy"). Most of the
> changes are already in Rawhide (the highlights are mentioned in the
> StStatelessLinuxdpdfocument).
> Appreciate feedback, especially from anyone who has time to try out
> the HOHOWTOWe expect the code to change quite a bit as issues and
> suggestions come in.
> Havoc
> -- 
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