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Re: "Stateless Linux" project

Hi folks,

	The stateless project is a great idea.  Thanks for pursuing this.
One concern, though:  the pdf overview says:

	"No question that work remains. However, a categorical policy going forward is 
that we expect an office productivity worker to be able to use all their 
hardware without the root password, and without  touching the command   line.  
We  will   consider   it   a   bug   if   desktop-class   hardware requires 
either root or opening a terminal."

	This sounds fine, but please don't REQUIRE a graphical interface
to use the hardware.  I have lots of researchers who ssh into group servers
and use USB disks, shared tape drives, printers, etc.

	On another topic, the overview notes that disaster recovery for
laptops requires that the laptop home directory be backed up often --
"perhaps whenever the laptop connects to the intranet".  Toward this end,
will the stateless project incorporate support for network block devices?
A local disk in a "RAID 1" array with a remote block device sounds like
a good way to ensure that an up-to-date remote copy of files is maintained
while the user is connected.  When the connection is broken, the remote
half of the mirror would be unavailable, and the local disk would be used.
On reconnection, the halves of the mirror would resync.

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