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Re: glibc-2.3.3-51 breaks m4

>> The latest glibc in rawhide breaks the compile of m4:
>m4 is just one of many programs which incorrectly use glibc symbols.
>These apps never should have done that and the change I've made exposes

OK, this is what I was curious about. __P is defined in config.h of m4, but
subsequent headers are pulled in. Some of the glibc headers do an undef of __P
which I think is where the problem lies.

>But conceding to the laziness of the developers of those packages
>I've implemented the underlying change differently and __P will be back
>in its old form soon.

The patch is trivial. I just wanted to know which way this should be fixed. Do
you want to leave glibc in this form or do you want me to file this in bugzilla
with m4's patch?

Thanks for the quick answer.

-Steve Grubb

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