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RE: Homedir backup (was Re: "Stateless Linux" project)

> monstrous. Mine is too, as are bunches of other folders floating through
> my home directory and system. Perhaps a simple standardized home
> directory layout is in order.

There is no such thing as a 'standardized homedir'

> For instance:
> One might have a ~/tmp into which ~/rpm/BUILD and other junk
> accumulators would be linked. It would have a no-backup policy. Then
> perhaps a ~/static or some such where one could put their music files,
> movie rips, ~/rpm/SRPMS, random tarball downloads, fedora install tree
> mirrors, or whatever else they might be hauling around that never
> changes. Such a folder could (and should) have a different (lower
> priority, server-wins?) sync policy than, for instance ~/Maildir (high
> priority, last update wins?). 
> I realize rsync exclude lists can work around more complex layouts, but
> I think the idea here is to automate and simplify. In addition, I want
> 2-way sync on at least some part of my home directory. Splitting it up
> into a few different policies makes automated sync conflict resolution
> easier.

The exclude and include lists are trivial.

Open nautilus window or gnome file selector box:
drag out the folders you do not want to backup.

And we're done.


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