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Wireless signal strength

www.wildpackets.com/elements/ whitepapers/Converting_Signal_Strength.pdf

If RSSI is converted to a db scale by the driver and the kernel has the
ability to map db back to RSSI then this solves the problems.

By doing it this way it wouldn't matter how linear the RSSI on the card
is (as the driver can correct). It wouldn't matter how many bits the
card used to represent RSSI internally. It also allows devices that have
a true db reading to map in without (much?) conversion.

The kernel would then make available a meaningful and consistent RSSI
derived from the db reading its using internally.

The applications can then read one or both of (db) and (RSSI - the new
strict linux kernel defined one  - not the fluffy manufacturers one).

All thats needed is a conversion from RSSI to db for each device,
simplest place to stick that is in the driver - why complicate life any
further !

Anyone else got any ideas ?


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