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Re: RFC: ipw2100 and ip2200 packages (known as centrino-WLAN)

Thorsten Leemhuis wrote :

> P.S.: Yes, I know there is already a (currently outdated) ipw2100
> package at:
> http://bugzilla.fedora.us/show_bug.cgi?id=1494
> P.P.S.: Yes, atrpms also has a package AFAIK

Yup, and I have some for ipw2100 too, which use Thomasvs's autotools
changes for kernel module packaging. I've also packaged the
ipw2100-firmware which is directly available on freshrpms.net.
All are easily found by typing "ipw2100" on rpmfind.net for instance ;-)


External kernel modules are things I prefer touching with a 6 feet pole...
but I do have an ipw2100 card in my laptop, so...


Clean custom Red Hat Linux rpm packages : http://freshrpms.net/
Fedora Core release 2 (Tettnang) - Linux kernel 2.6.8-1.521
Load : 0.84 1.12 1.17

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