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Re: Direction of wireless networking in Fedora ( was RE: Wireless update to ifup and network-functions )

Alan Cox wrote:
On Thu, Sep 16, 2004 at 01:29:29PM -0400, Dan Williams wrote:

Unfortunately, I don't think we can ship MADwifi due to the HAL.  Does
Debian ship it in debian-free?  Because if they do, then Fedora will
almost definitely be able to as well.

MAdwifi doesn't meet the free software requirements for Fedora, which isn't
to say it can't be in a third party repository. Within the limits of
their interpretation of the FCC rules and their hardware they've done about
as much as they can however.

yes! and that's the point here, in this case no one can ship any driver for wireless devices with atheros chipset which is more free than madwifi. what is the solution (other than use other device:-)?

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