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Re: IPv6 and IPv4 resolver preferences

On Sep 17, 2004, at 00:21, Steve G wrote:

What's going on here?

You told me everything except what you typed on the command line. :)

I typed "telnet hostB" :-)
Note this is the "telnet" client from package "krb5-workstation" (not the actual telnet command that is used in non-Kerberized FC installations), which is located in "/usr/kerberos/biin/telnet".

I'm guessing that you typed a name and not a number, so the application looked it
up and found multiple records. The application can also set a hint as to what
address family to return. The default is in /etc/resolv.conf.

If a query returns multiple records, the application must walk through the list
and use the right one. I found this out a couple years ago when I was working on
xinetd's IPv6 code.

While dns queries may work OK, the applications may be broken as Joe suggested. I
use IPv6 pretty regular and haven't noticed problems. I'll play with it some
more, too.

It could be. Maybe "telnet" from "krb5-workstation" is broken, as "ssh" seems to work correctly: it gives automatic preference to IPv6 over IPv4, even when "options inet6" is *not* set in "/etc/resolv.conf".

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