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Re: [JPackage-discuss] User jonas

Le jeudi 16 septembre 2004 Ã 09:45 +0200, Fernando Nasser a Ãcrit :
> Hi,
> This is indeed a good point.  I will take it to the jonas community.
> In the meanwhile, please note that the ascii display name of users and groups is 
> irrelevant.  At the inner level Unix is all about numbers.  Just rename your 
> group and user from jonas to jonasrun (or something elese you like) and all will 
> be well (as long as you don't change the numbers)  --  at least until you try 
> and update...
> It is possible that you run into problems when updating the RPM., as the RPM 
> will try and install a user called jonas again.  If this change is accepted 
> upstream, then I will add mechanisms for backward compatibility in the RPM scripts.

However the problem also exists for amanda for example so before
changing jonas a (semi) official RH/Suse/Mdk policy on allowed system
user names would be nice (CC-ing fedora-devel)


Nicolas Mailhot

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