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Re: hotplug change in tomorrow's build

On Mon, 2004-09-20 at 16:13, Bill Nottingham wrote:
> The default firmware directory for hotplug is being changed
> to /lib/firmware from /usr/lib/hotplug/firmware. This is
> being done so that device module loading on boot will work
> correctly.
> This will affect those of you with prism54, ipw2100/ipw2200
> cards, and other cards that need hotplugged firmware.
> Bill

Ahhh good!

I was wondering if there was a bug filed about that, but have been too
lazy/overworked to check.

It is good to get this working properly, as there has been many, many
threads over on the ipw mailing list with people having trouble getting
firmware-load-on-bootup working properly.

Three questions.

1) Is it worth supporting those with wireless nics requiring firmware
and who also want to mount / via NFS? This requires firmware loading in
the initial ram disk.

2) Will Fedora/RHEL be shipping with /lib/firmware directory
pre-populated with ipw* firmware?

3) Any idea what's the semantics with hotplug vs /etc/dev.d/? What's the
defined interaction? Is it possible for hotplug to trigger but not udev
or vice versa?


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