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Re: Regarding Extras package announcements

Michael Schwendt wrote :

> So, what and how do we announce? For reference, the _old_ list
> archives are here:
> http://www.fedora.us/pipermail/fedora-package-announce/
> Suggestions?
> Do we care?

I think this simply can't be answered until more is known about the Extras
process : Will the packages be pushed out individually or will there be
batches, for instance a daily one like Rawhide? (this makes it easier for
mirrors to keep up to date and consistent) Depending on the answer,
individual messages like for erratas will make more sense than a Rawhide
update style message or vice-versa.
As for the formatting, same thing, will it be sent by the packager (or
another individual, like the "moderator" that approved it) or by a build

If questions like these are already answered somewhere, I don't know were,
and would be glad to have someone point me to those details.


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