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extras for RH9 / RHEL3 / CEntOS3

I've been playing with CentOS 3.1 a bit recently since following fedora
development on production servers is just more work than I have the time
to do and RHEL sales doesn't seem to want to return my calls.

In any case, I'd like to continue using packages from fedora.us. I've
pointed yum at the redhat9 repo, and things seem to work mostly ok. But
I have some questions.

1. Is an explicit RHEL extras repository planned? It seems like at least
adding the keywords to bugzilla and the buildsystem would be a good
goal. I see Dag Wieers is managing to do it. OTOH, the rh9 repo is
pretty close to fully compatible.

2. Some packages for FC2 (amavisd comes to mind) have dependencies on
packages that are not included in rh9 or rhel, but have been included in
more recent (fc1, fc2) core revisions. Would it be appropriate to
include them in extras, tagged for the os's which don't include them

perl-MailTools and perl-TimeDate are a couple of the offending packages.

There are also a few packages that are marked only for FC1 or FC2, but
are working fine on centos. What is procedure for adding platforms to
existing extras packages, file a bug against them?



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