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Re: FC3 Bug Week - HELP WANTED

seth vidal wrote:
Developers:   you can help by fixing bugs and reviewing the proposed
             fixes that other people mail to the fedora-patches-list,
             or that get attached to bugzilla.  Packaging bugs are
             another category where we can use your help.
Testers:      you can help by verifying whether old bugs are still present
             in rawhide, as well as by testing proposed fixes sent in by
Bug triagers: you can help by gathering information on NEEDINFO bugs, as
             well as by helping assess the importance of bugs.
Everybody:    this is a chance to get the bugs fixed that you care about!

I hope that the bugs people will be filing will be BUGS and not RFEs.
Bugweek should not be about ranting about your most desired feature.

Is having pam_krb5 not kill your login process when you have a local password and pam_krb5 is listed as optional... a bug or an RFE?


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