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Re: rc.sysinit creating device nodes

Le sam 25/09/2004 Ã 17:15, Russell Coker a Ãcrit :
> echo mkdmnod | /sbin/nash
> rc.sysinit runs the above command to create /dev/mapper/control.  Now that we 
> have udev managing /dev we have no need to have nash do that.
> Is it time to remove that line from rc.sysinit?  I ask because it requires 
> undesirable access to be granted in the SE Linux policy.
> Also in rc.sysinit we have "echo raidautorun /dev/md0 | nash", but in that 
> case /dev/md0 does not already exist.  Can we change things such that udev 
> creates /dev/md0?

Sorry for my poor English.

There is no more /etc/raidtab (raidtools package) in FC3.
in rc.sysinit :
        update_boot_stage RCraid
        if [ -f /etc/raidtab ]; then
            (~85 lines)

Bugzilla ?

"somewhere" at boot time, /dev/loop[0-7] are created even if loop module
is not loaded.

it's weird. Example here :
# grep loop /proc/modules  (loop not loaded)

# grep loop /etc/modprobe.conf
options loop max-loop=32

# cd /dev

# ls loop* | wc -w

# modprobe loop

# ls loop* | wc -w

# rmmod loop

# ls loop* | wc -w
ls: loop*: No such file or directory

Bugzilla ?

As far as I understand udev, only udev can "touch" /dev.
The user "populate" /dev with modprobe or hotplug. This depends on his
hardware and need.
kudzu, do a part of that jobs.
I think it's time to provide a way to preload modules (ala Mandrake).
Perhaps /etc/sysconfig/preload_modules with :
        third-party driver unknown by kudzu

btw, I would like to know what append with /etc/security/console.perms .
I'll give you a "real" example :
I built a custom kernel (I have a binary-only module that don't like
CONFIG_REGPARM). As usual when i build a custom kernel, ide_cd is a
grubby ....
reboot ....

I connect to the system and try "mount /mnt/cdrom" :
        mount: only root can mount /dev/cdrom on /mnt/cdrom

Normal, ide_cd is not automagically loaded as with a static /dev. "su -l
-c 'modprobe ide_cd'" .
New try "mount /mnt/cdrom/" :
        mount: only root can mount /dev/cdrom on /mnt/cdrom
Permissions and owner should be set according to
/etc/udev/permissions.d/ _and_ /etc/security/console.perms .
I know that hal/g-v-m can do the trick.
But what can do hal for rtc (use by mplayer) for example ?
This is my rtc part in console.perms :
        <console>  0600 <rtc>        0600 root

With a static /dev this work even if the modules is not already loaded.
I am sure we will see other problems of that kind...

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