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Re: Which component is buggy when dns isn't working right?

On Sep 25, 2004, at 21:24, Kyrre Ness Sjobak wrote:

I have always before been able to run dnsmasq on my smoothwall, and if i
then put a host in its /etc/hosts, all (Linux - it has never worked for
my fathers laptop, so he has to use ip adresses...) computers wich use
that as a dns-server will get it.

F.ex. i have a host called "kyrre". If i want cups to be able to print
to the printer shared on that machine, i have to have a dns lookup for
"kyrre" - either on the local /ets/hosts, or in DNS. So the smoothwalls
hosts file look like this:       localhost     smoothwall   kyrre

And it works great. On all my fc2 (and earlier) linux-computers, i am
able to f.ex type "ssh kyrre", and it looks up kyrre from dns, dnsmasq
on the smoothwall reads the hosts file on the smoothwall, and returns
"". And i am able to start my evolution over encrypted X,
or print my document (much printing today :-) ) from the laptop.

But with fc3t2, which has a hosts and resolve file which are identical
to the fc2 laptops, this dont work. That means - "host kyrre" returns
the correct IP, but "ssh kyrre" or printing on kyrre dont work
(acctually, hitting "print test page" in the cups web-interfafe just
gives me a google seach for "kyrre").

I would call this a bug. But where should i post it? Which component
does handle DNS lookups?

One note: "host" does _not_ use the resolver library (which is part of glibc). Instead, "host" queries any configured DNS server directly, that is, "host" will _never_ look up "/etc/hosts", but instead performs lookup against the configured DNS servers. However, "ssh", "ping" and family _do_ use the resolver.

Thus, normal tools use the resolver. Thus bugs depending on the resolver should go against "glibc". However, "host" is part of "bind-tools".

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