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Re: Rant on LABELs

On Sun, 2004-09-26 at 07:41 -0400, David Hollis wrote:
> I think this would largely remove any of the benefits of labeling.  Yes,
> if you have two partitions labeled "/" or "/boot", you get conflicts.

There are benefits of labelling? Maybe on big systems with lots of SCSI
devices which get moved around, but I've only ever seen it cause
problems on most of the desktop and laptop machines I've used. One of
the first things I do after an install, just after disabling kudzu, is
to turn off mount-by-label.

> This is expected and the sysadmin should be aware of this, boot into
> single user and re-label one of the partitions to something else.  Thats
> just how life goes.  In other cases, it's a beautiful thing.  Now I
> don't have to remember if it's /dev/hda2, /dev/sdc5, or whatever, it's
> just LABEL=/.

Personally I find /etc/yaboot.conf remembers that for me quite
effectively. :)


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