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Hotplugging, usb mass storage devices, and mountpoints...

Just wondering about something:
When i plugged in my camera (which is a usb mass storage device),
mountpoints are automatically created (one for /dev/sda and another for
/dev/sda1), and /dev/sda1 is mounted. (so why is sda1 created? sda is
nothing...) Great work. (but why are they named floppy? My camera isn't
a floppy - and who hotplugs scsi floppy disks using the mass storage
driver on the usb port?!?)

But then, when i decide "enough", i pull the plug (which is ok, since it
is mounted with "sync"), and it gets umounted. So far, so good.

But the mountpoints are still there - so according to gnome's "my
computer" - i now have tree floppy discs.

So i decided to upgrade hal and dbus, just to see if anything happens.
"yum upgrade hal" and "yum upgrade dbus". Done. Log in (i was doing this
over ssh) to see the effects. Quite astonishing - it had "cleaned up"
all of my removable media stuff - ie. my cdrom, floppy, and all the
extra floppys are gone. Okay... So i try to "hotplug" a cd into the
drive. It spinns up for about a minute, and nothing happens. I then try
to connect the camera. The usb activity light flashes a bit, but no new
mountpoints... Thats... bad.

Maybe kudzu could make a difference. So i start kudzu. And all it tries
to do, is to remove the printer which are conected to the paralell port
(it is switched of. I hate that behaviour - made me deactivate kudzu in
the past. But it has'nt pestered me during boot due to the printer been
switched off. Thats good!)

So what to do? "yum update kudzu" is the answer. Or not. Reboot then,
and see what happens. No. No luck... And no dbus/hal messages in the
console when plugging in the camera - just that the device was found and

Arg. I smell bugs...


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