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Re: Suggestion to cutoff "EFI GUID Partion Support" in the kernel so that Ipod & others will be mountable

Jerone Young (jerone gmail com) said: 
> Before I think about filing a bug I'd though I would start a
> discussion on this. EFI GUID Partition support is currently only
> supported on IA-64. Intel is eventually supposed to support this on
> future platforms. But today it is causing havoc, and I would very much
> like this off in FC3.
> The Apple Ipod (4th Generation) , Ipod Mini, as well as some USB and
> Firewire drives are no longer mountable under Linux with this option
> on. The 37th post at this link gives a good explination.
> http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/showthread.php?s=&threadid=213012&perpage=15&highlight=ipod&pagenumber=3

GPT partitioning supports > 2TB disks (including logical disks
created on RAID adapters.)

DOS-style partitioning does not.


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