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Re: Please split off src.rpms into own DVD (was: DVD image of FC3 test2 for x86_64 too big?)

Axel Thimm wrote :

> Why not provide a DVD for binaries and one for source rpms? I doubt
> the demand for src.rpms is even remotely comparable to that for the
> binary DVD, and you get
> o less traffic on the Red Hat/Fedora mirrors, as users will only
>   download half a DVD (well, not half, but you get the idea).
> o less space wasted (one src.rpm DVD for all archs would be
>   sufficient, even if not all src.rpm can be built on all archs).
> o Developers don't need to feel the damoclean sword chopping over
>   their heads, if they intend to add something bigger to the
>   distribution.
> Castrating the distribution (like throwing out kernel-sourcecode) or
> not accepting new packages due to DVD size constraints looks quite
> wrong to me.

I kind of like the idea of having "one media to contain'em all" :-)
For both Fedora Core 1 & 2, I've always been going around with a single DVD
in my laptop case, on which I have everything to make new installs, rescue,
and also check the source and report packaging bugs more easily ;-)
Until recently, having all binary and source packages made sense since the
size limit of a DVD was still a reasonable one... if it can stay that way
for FC3, as it is the case for i386, it would be great, and that seems to
be where it's headed. Only the x86_64 DVD image is too big, and by so
little that it shouldn't be hard to fix.
I think this issue should be discussed again post-FC3's release, when
general brainstorming for FC4's goals begins ;-)


Clean custom Red Hat Linux rpm packages : http://freshrpms.net/
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