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Re: Java and Rawhide?

Gary Benson wrote:
Elliot Lee wrote:

On Tue, 28 Sep 2004, Dax Kelson wrote:

I see that lots of Java related packages got removed from rawhide.

Apparently, they don't work at this point and the maintainer wanted them pulled until after FC3 when he has a chance to do things right.

Questions, comments, offers of help to gbenson redhat com :-)

Yeah, the packages that were in FC3 were mostly remnants of the
RHUGish stuff that was in FC2.  For FC3 I was replacing them with the
JPackage.org stack (with native code libraries for gij) but it's
taking forever to get it right.  The old packages didn't work any
more, and they get in the way if you're trying to install JPackage so
I got them removed for now.

Should be no problem to push your fixed java packages to Extras, which can happen anytime even after the release of FC3.


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