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Re: Please split off src.rpms into own DVD

Axel Thimm <Axel Thimm ATrpms net> writes:

> I'm not proposing this for FC3, the release date is far to near! But
> it should already be a topic, otherwise we will see too much
> castration due to silly media constraints ("let's drop xemacs, we
> already have similar functionality in emacs, and xemacs is eating too
> much DVD space").

This isn't too silly. Most former XEmacs users I know switched to Gnu
Emacs sometime between 2002 and now and there's not very much
development in the XEmacs tree, so I doubt that this will revert anytime

Did you ever realize how much text fits in eighty columns? If you now consider
that a signature usually consists of up to four lines, this gives you enough
space to spread a tremendous amount of information with your messages. So seize
this opportunity and don't waste your signature with bullshit nobody will read.

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