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Re: Java and Rawhide?

I for one would like to be able too:
-build and run java code, wether this is done native or on a vm is
 equal to me. The environment should be able to handle jni
 (specificly, it should be able to compile and run rxtx for serial port
-use java applets from a webbrowser more specificly from mozilla.

Since this currently isn't possible I would like to be able to easily:
a) install SUN's official JDK and
b) gcj and
c) sablevm and
-easily switch between a,b and c for compiling and running and
-be able to use jdk-plugin in mozilla and sablevm or jdk in konqueror.

I know a lott is happening and I would like to try things out, report bugs and maybe even contribute. But how? where is the documentation. I think we need a java on Fedora webpage like the stateless pages which gives pointers to download some packages which are so beta that they are not in rawhide and which contains a quickstart guide.

Also are there any sablevm rpm's anywhere? If not why not? I think someone should take a good look at the freejava package from debian, this also contains some free tools needed to generate the headers for jni compilation.



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