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Console user mount patch and FC3

This is in reference to RH bug#133941.  It is suggested I take this
discussion to fedora-devel.  What is keeping this patch out of FC3?  I
know it is late in the game but there was a large discussion the past
week about sane options for allowing mounting of removable devices out
of the box.  Part of the solution that was agreed upon was this patch.  

Without this patch we will need to revert back to not allowing the user
to mount removable devices by default and only allow them the ability to
turn on this option after install.  I have looked at the patch and it is
simple and does matching the same way we do it in dbus.  Getting this
patch in not only means it makes it easier for users to mount their
media but it also means sane restrictions that would not be there if the
user was to turn on user mounting of removable devices without the

So my question is what needs to happen to get this in?  The merits of
the patch have already been discussed and been brought to a consensus.
I can say the implementation looks good to me.  Do we need more eyes on
it?  What else?

John (J5) Palmieri
Associate Software Engineer
Desktop Group
Red Hat, Inc.
Blog: http://martianrock.com

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