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Re: Bastille

On Thu, 30 Sep 2004, Niki Rahimi wrote:

> Hi Fedora folks,
> I have been working on the Bastille-security hardening system for a
> while now (www.bastille-linux.org). I am currently interested in the
> enhancement of Bastille on Fedora as I see that it is not directly
> available on the distribution install media at this time. I have been
> working with Jay Beale, the lead developer of Bastille, on seeing that
> the software is working properly on Fedora core installations.
> I am curious to see what you all would think of the addition of
> Bastille to the Fedora install media. If you have any questions on the
> quality and/or useability of Bastille feel free to send me a note.

Some of what bastille does would be better as just being made defaults for

For the rest, where it's going to go interactive, it would make more sense
to look into integrating bastille into firstboot, rather than into the 


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