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removing esd - seems possible now?

Looks like infrastructure for removing esd is in place.
The following prevent it:

1. dmix isn't enabled by default in FC4t2 (like esd, it enables multiple
sound sources to output at the same time).
This has been solved upstream in alsa 1.0.9rc2:
Could this be updated before FC4t3?

2. gstreamer uses alsa by default, but doesn't work:

3. GNOME sound preferences capplet doesn't allow events sounds without
esd, I assume only because the UI design:
The option to start ESD at GNOME startup should be removed.

Seems like there's no need now for another sound server like MAS, as
alsa+dmix can do the job.

What do you sing^H^H^H^ say? :-)

Marius Andreiana
Epon -- future-proof business applications

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