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Re: fc5 goals

Bill Nottingham wrote:
  Label CDs based on A with the standard "Name, Disc 1 ... X". Label
  CDs based on B, C, D... with the discid's name, and discs 1 ... X.
Hence, now anaconda would display: To complete the install, you need: Fedora Core 5 disc #1
	Fedora Core 5 disc #2
	Fedora Office disc #1
	Fedora Java disc #1

I think this sounds like a really good idea Bill.  If you were to grab a
handful of non-computer-programmer professionals, mom and dad, grandma,
Horatio and Abby, etc.  I think the above solution would be more obvious
and mainstream to them than what we have right now.

It's simply a natural modularization of the distribution into sensible
product[1] boundaries.  I'm a big fan of modularization as of late. ;o)

[1] By "product" I do not mean "commercial product".  Fedora Core is the
natural product of the result of the development effort put into it.
The term "product" does not allude to nor require the exchanging of
money.  The Linux kernel is a product of Linus and friends for example.
I clarify this only to avoid obvious anti-corporation sentiment often
associated with mentioning the term "product" and it being seen as
something for sale for profit by a corporation.

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