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Re: Marvell 88E8053, sky2, and netdev

Rob Andrews wrote:

On 01-Dec-2005 10:56.49 (GMT), Nathan Grennan wrote:
>   I have a MSI K8N Neo4 Platinum motherboard. It includes a Marvell
> 88E8053 ethernet controller. From what I see online it seems the right
> driver is the sky2 driver. I see hints that it was in the netdev.2
> package, but seems to be missing from the netdev.3 package. Has it been
> removed from netdev? Is it too unstable? Will it be coming back? Is
> there an alternative?

It's possible that it *is* covered by the sk98lin driver, but not the
in-kernel tree. SysKonnect have a more recent sk98lin available from
their site than that in the kernel. It supports the Marvell PCI-E
gigabit interface I have, at least (whereas skge & in-kernel sk98lin do

I do note that sk98lin is not being built in the rawhide kernel package
(I don't have an FC4 box to hand so I can't tell if it's being built for
that), but skge is. It could be a small matter of adding the PCI IDs to
the skge driver to get it working. I'll try it once I have a spare moment
What is the deal with the kernel tree being minus a functioning SysKonnect driver in the PCI-E gigabit series for this Marvell ethernet controller? I haven't seen a working
dev kernel driver in two years. In fact, I have to download from this site:
a patch to the kernel to get mine to work. This has been the most frustrating portion
of kernel dev in recent memory. I can never use the daily _FC5 dev kernels
and get the _FC5 driver to recognize the on board card.

Apparently SysKonnect isn't willing to write a stable driver for the kernel dev team to sign off on and incorporate. Very annoying. I have even fussed and fumed at the SysKonnect dev team over this to no end. They just don't care. They'll placate you
with, "we're trying real hard to get a stable driver. " Yeah right. :)

So enjoy downloading and patching your net driver from SysKonnect. I'm a pro! :)

Frank Jacobberger

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