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Re: Building FireFox 1.5 SRPMs on FC4...

Christopher Aillon wrote :

> > Just wondering, I assume that FF 1.5 RPMs will be making their way into
> > rawhide in the next couple of days.
> > What are the chances of building their SRPMs on FC4? (x86-64 to be
> > exact)
> > Should I just give up and build the vanilla source package?
> Once the s390(x) builds finish, it should hit rawhide.  I'd imagine you 
> should be able to build it on FC4 without issue, but why not try and 
> find out for sure?  :-)

I'm trying this too, and am running into major issues, related to my build
environment : I'm using mock on an x86_64 machine, in an i386 chroot for
the i386 builds.

Well, the mozilla/firefox build seems to be pretty messed up, and messy in
general, and I'm still fighting to try and *not* get the build to try and
compile x86_64 code (and 64bit asm bits) inside the i386 root!

First problem :
The configure script set --host, --target and --build to x86_64-*. This is
usually forced to the right target by %configure, which is not used here.

Second problem :
The configure "OS_TEST=`uname -m`" line causes 64bit asm to be used in

Third problem :
Build starts using -m64 and other x86_64 specific flags and files inside
security/. I'm not sure where/why that starts yet, I'm still onto that one.

IMHO, when Makefiles want to detect the CPU type, they should use what was
passed as --target to the configure script, which isn't happening
everywhere here. Should I file these issues as bugs (upstream, I guess),
or are developers just not interested as long as it works for the general
case (i.e. building on the arch the binary will be built for)?


Clean custom Red Hat Linux rpm packages : http://freshrpms.net/
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