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Re: yum plugin suggestion or yum change?

Mogens Kjaer wrote:
Thomas M Steenholdt wrote:
When updating multiple packages, yum will bail out on dependency error with a singloe package.

Maybe yum should start over again, trying other mirrors,
if dependencies are not satisfied?


That would possibly solve some issues, but i think a better way would be something like testing dependencies for each package and ONLY adding it to the transaction list if dependencies can be resolved (slightly simplified description of course).

An example from the development tree a few days ago, yum -y update fails to update anything at all because of avahi and a few other things. yum -y update httpd is able to successfully update httpd with all its dependencies including php and others. So in this case httpd (and all the other packages that have no problems) should have the possibility to actually be updated by a simple yum -y update. Yum should simply warn that certain packages cannot be updated and then continue to perform the update of everything else.

Some times people add 3rd party repo's that are not always totally sane (could be a local repo with business related packages). But a few problems should not cause other packages from being updated.


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