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Re: udev slowness and selinux

Stephen Smalley wrote:

On Mon, 2005-12-05 at 05:49 -0800, Steve G wrote:
Hence, I would have expected init to log the "Enforcing mode
requested but no policy loaded. Halting now." message (from
sysvinit-selinux.patch) and then exit normally.
I think for lspp we want it to go to a console prompt where the admin can
investigate the problem and make repairs.

The admin already has options there:
- boot with init=bash to bypass init altogether, or
- boot with enforcing=0 single to prevent init from halting if it cannot
load policy and only come up single-user.

But the proper behavior if policy cannot be loaded and the system is in
enforcing mode is to halt.
Wouldnt it be better to continue booting by automatically setting SELinux into permissive or disabled state while throwing out warnings at bootup and in the logs?.


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