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Re: yum plugin suggestion or yum change?


And yet it frequently happens with the GFS related kernel module
packages. Security kernel fixes which go directly into
updates-released inevitable cause the GFS and related kernel module
packages to be out of sync in updates-released.
GFS kernel modules not being in sync is not much of a regression. Its a known issue documented to a extend in the release notes.


Similar dependencies are there for the Xen kernel too. Any out of tree kernel modules are only going to get sorted when FESCO comes out with a packaging decision on that or better yet when they get merged upstream.

If partial upgrade option doesnt sound good to have an alternative could be a plugin that provides a option to exclude a package and all its dependencies in a repository. Instead of changing the exclude options behavior a new one like


for example can exclude GTK2 and all it dependencies. You can fiddle around with repoquery and figure this out but this is potentially much easier.


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