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Re: yum plugin suggestion or yum change?

On 12/5/05, Matthew Miller <mattdm mattdm org> wrote:
> Based on my experience, automatic updates by default *is* best security
> practice AND turning disabling that default and conscientiously and
> regularly applying tested updates by hand is also.

What in your vastly superior personal experience says this is the best
security practise for Core?

> Most people aren't going to do the "test first" thing, and those who do can
> turn off the updates.

How about we refrain from making comments about what "most" people
will be doing. "Most" people will be doing whatever the default setup
is.  Right now "most" people don't automate updates at all so this
line of discussion is moot.  Comments like that can not be backed up
with any credible data and are a retorical device that only serves to
distort the discussion.

> Otherwise, "install and forget" is the normal
> practice.

I'm not asking for normal practise.. I'm asking for what the best
practise for this project to support is.


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