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Re: yum plugin suggestion or yum change?

Rahul Sundaram wrote:

I'm not saying that this should be silent. AT should know something is wrong and the severity of it should increase with the amount of time that it persists. She knows to take her car into the repair shop if the engine light is on and i think we can manage the same effect on her computer.

How exactly should yum increase the severity? yum has no idea whether the packages that are being missed out over any patial update is a important security update or not.


I guess that an important point is that one failing security update does not make up for the rest of the equally important security updates not getting installed.

If we have 10 security updates and one of these are failing. Wouldn't we be better off installing the 9 that don't have any problems. This is certainly the way I see it. The error should be equally noisy, but whatever can be updated without problems, really should be.

I can't think of any reason not to want this. We're not talking about working around any important stability measure. We're talking about letting good updates through. If one update is misbehaving, it's excluded during this run. that's it.


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