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Re: yum plugin suggestion or yum change?


I guess that an important point is that one failing security update does not make up for the rest of the equally important security updates not getting installed.

I am not leaving out an update is a good idea unless explicitly configured by the user. One way to avoid that is to include severity level in the metadata and let yum decide on the appropriate course of action based on the level of severity. The course of action might be configurable. One of the important strengths of design in Unix like systems has been to do the best when it can and to fail loudly and completely otherwise. Yum is just doing that. If you dont agree with this idea just write a yum plugin to do what you want it do and get it included in yum-utils and we can check out this in practise and see if its worth getting this feature into yum itself. The idea of doing partial updates have come up many times in several mailing lists and the yum developers dont seem to convinced with the idea. Working code and popularity of that code might convince them. My 2 cents.


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