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Re: yum plugin suggestion or yum change?

Jeff Spaleta wrote:
I don't think I'm going to be able to support automated partial
updates in any form aimed at desktop users until the tools understand
how to distiguish security updates from non-security updates and know
how to communicate that difference to users when there is an update
problem that prevents a security update from installing.

Can the tools "know" that an update is a security update if the announcement for it is marked [SECURITY] on fedora-announce-list? Does it help if the announcement is wrapped in an RSS feed, like so:

She knows to take her car into the repair shop if the
engine light is on and i think we can manage the same effect on her

Bad analogy to prove your point... the car doesn't try to
automatically repair itself at night.

It's a great analogy. I'd be mighty grateful if my car tried to repair itself at night, and only turned on "check engine" if the repair failed.

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