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Re: yum plugin suggestion or yum change?

Jesse Keating wrote:

> Something that they've done recently which will not help the zombie
> market is prevented systems from updating any further beyond SP2 that
> haven't done a 'System Validation'.  Part of that validation is product
> activation.  non activated products can no longer get updates at all
> (after SP2).

They can, a pirated copy can't pass the tests on the update portal but
will still get the autoupdate security feed

> And whoever is thinking that the windows update model is a good target,
> try doing a stock XP install. 

I'm not writing it's the best one, I'm writting it's better than the
current yum model. MS started at the point we are now (in case of
problems, bail out), then after getting bashed for years for bad
security made 100% transparent security auto updates mandatory. And
guess what ? It works (modulo the quality of the updates themselves,
I'll be the first to admit rpm updates tend to crash less than windows
patches, but this is pretty orthogonal and not something yum can claim
for itself)

Nicolas Mailhot

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