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Re: Yum bug?

Rodd Clarkson wrote:
On Mon, 2005-12-05 at 17:00 -0500, Jeff Spaleta wrote:
On 12/5/05, Dennis Jacobfeuerborn <d jacobfeuerborn conversis de> wrote:
Not sure if I should file a bug or if I'm doing something wrong on my end?
bug already reported to the lists repeatedly, and reported in bugzilla
and  the fix should be in rawhide "soon" since the fc4 test update
that fixes this already exists.

work-around for now  remove all the files named "cachecookie"  in your
/var/cache/yum tree
or wait 8 hours for the cookies to expire.


I know you're trying to help (and your help is appreciated), but at this
point, it's probably better to just respond to these messages with
'solution already discussed' and 'search the archives'.

This forces the individual asking the question to learn how to search
the archives, rather than just asking.

Personally, I'm sick of the number of times this question has been
asked.  Seriously fed up.  I'm a patient person, and I don't mind a
little repetition, but in this case the solution exists in a number of
emails both on test-list and devel-list and the problem is related to
the basic update mechanism for fedora - yum, so in my opinion, this is
something that everyone on the list should just read.  Yum is (like it
or not) core funcationality for fedora, so if you're not paying
attention to what's happening to yum, or kernels, or the likes then you
don't get to ask the same question for the 20th time.

Sorry if this is a little harsh, but we're about to get back into test
releases which means having people ask the same questions over and over
and over (etc) because it's easier than actually reading the list they
are subscribed to, or searching the archives.


Look, I searched on both bugzilla and in the devel archives. I failed to see the bug in bugzilla, my bad, I'm an idiot. However I do read the devel list daily and cannot remember reading anything about this problem. Searching for "repomd.xml" lists exactly two mails as of now, my own and one reply. Searching for "cachecookie" (once you actually now this has something to do with "cachecookie") lists three mails, two replies to this thread and the latest rawhide report showing that this was fixed.
I tried to find, failed, and will now accept my shame and commit seppuku.

Having said that I think on a public mailing-list you will simply have to live with the imperfection of human beeings. I promise I'll search more thoroughly the next time but even then I cannot provide you with a guarantee that I will always be successfull. While I see that this kind of stuff can be annoying I cannot understand why someone can get so wound up about it. It was just a mail.


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