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Re: yum plugin suggestion or yum change?

>     Not just PR.  Windows computers running a stolen operating system 
> are a threat to Windows computers running a legitimate operating system 
> -- and,  when traffic levels get high,  to all other computers.  Also,  
> there are a lot of Windows installations that are paid up but the 
> licenses aren't quite in order:  a lot of sites use tools like Ghost to 
> maintain desktops,  and it's hard to get licensing right in that situation.
>     Similar pressures would apply to RHEL 4 if RHEL 4 were an attractive 
> target.
>     Overall,  my experience is that packages become unupdatable over 
> time in a rawhide or FC# system -- most of the time these are packages I 
> don't care about,  so I throw them overboard.  If something I cared 
> about became unupdatable,  I'd have a real problem.

Let's STOP debating this. If there is working code to present as a
plugin then PLEASE do so.

otherwise all this talk is just masturbation.


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