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yum annoyances

I call the following annoyances rather than bugs because yum is working as 
designed.  What I really wondering is if an enhancement to yum is 
appropriate.  While it may be appropriate, these cases may also be in the 
"too hard" or "not worth the effort" category.

I will also caveat this by saying that I have only seen these cases working 
with the development tree and not with "production" version.  I will also say 
that a "fresh install" will not have the problem but, even in development, I 
prefer updating rather than installing unless I am testing the installer.

Case 1: A package is install but, now, has been deleted from the 
development/update tree and the installed package blocks updates.  The 
current answer is to manually remove the package (yum remove or rpm -e) if, 
and only if, you know that package was deleted .. the recent case of dbus-qt.

Would it be possible to have some metadata which would flag to yum that the 
package needs to be removed.

Case 2:  This is similar to case 1.  In this case, an older version of a 
package is in the development/update tree,  The currently installed packages 
include one or more packages which are a "more recent version" but one that 
has problems ... therefore, we need to "roll back" the package.  Again, this 
can be handled manually via yum remove/install or using rpm --oldpackage if 
you know that the situation exists.

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