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Re: yum annoyances

On Tue, Dec 06, 2005 at 10:58:38AM -0500, Gene C. wrote:
> Case 1: A package is install but, now, has been deleted from the
> development/update tree and the installed package blocks updates. The
> current answer is to manually remove the package (yum remove or rpm -e)
> if, and only if, you know that package was deleted .. the recent case of
> dbus-qt.

This could be worked around with an "obsolete-packages" rpm in the
repository, which would mark as Obsolete all such known packages.

> Case 2:  This is similar to case 1.  In this case, an older version of a
> package is in the development/update tree, The currently installed
> packages include one or more packages which are a "more recent version"
> but one that has problems ... therefore, we need to "roll back" the
> package. Again, this can be handled manually via yum remove/install or
> using rpm --oldpackage if you know that the situation exists.

In the non-devel tree, this is "solved" with Epochs. In the devel tree, I'd
say the best thing to do is watch closely, because you're using the
development tree.

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