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Re: Dovecot 1.0

On 12/06/2005 07:21:28 AM, Reuben Farrelly wrote:

On 5/12/2005 1:18 p.m., Bernardo Innocenti wrote:
Willem Riede wrote:

Can we have dovecot 1.0 alpha4 in FC5? Even though the word alpha is
present in the version, it is quite stable, and fixes many problems that
there are in 0.99.14. As a matter of fact, there is no upstream support
for 0.99.x. Any reports are met with 'please upgrade and your problem
will likely be over'.

Yes, please!  I was waiting for Dovecot 1.0 to switch to Dovecot
from courier-imap without anyone noticing the difference.

The feature I'm missing in 0.99 is namespaces.  Without this,
I'd have to reconfigure all the MUAs to change their IMAP
prefix from "INBOX" to "" (empty string).

I would like to add my +1 to this as well. Dovecot-0.99.x is arguably just as bad if not more 'alpha' than the upcoming 1.0 releases both in terms of bugs and of features and it seems most odd to be shipping a package that isn't supported by the upstream developer and community. I would also put the case that 0.99.x was more 'alpha' in it's quality than the current releases that are actually labelled as 'alpha'.

Anyway, there is a bugzilla entry open as an RFE for it:


Perhaps that might be a good place to start adding comments, maybe if enough people ask nicely in there and show support, it might happen from within RH ;-)

I have added the 1.0-alpha4 spec file and the patches I successfully used myself to run dovecot-1.0-alpha4 on fc5t1 to that bugzilla, so I hope somebody makes use of those and upgrades dovecot in devel - please? pretty please? :-)

Thanks, Willem Riede.

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