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Re: yum clean bug

Michael Favia wrote:
Jeff Spaleta wrote:
On 12/8/05, Luciano Miguel Ferreira Rocha <strange nsk no-ip org> wrote:
Yes. Because I'm doing cache operations, not repository operations. Or
rather, that's what I thought I was doing, so it would be intuitive to

So for completeness what your saying is that you think
yum clean packages   should clean all packages from all enabled and
disabled repos by default?

and yum clean headers  should clean all headers from all enabled and
disabled repos by default?

I think that if it were that way by default we would be having the discussion of adding the ability to enablerepo and disablerepo for the command instead :). I think it makes more sense to enable all repos for just such an operation. Is this possible currently via shortcut ? -mf

Actually, IMO, yum clean packages should not care about repos at all. It should remove packages for anything in yum cache - including enable, disabled and no-longer-existing repos. From a look at the yum man page it seems that this was also the idea that the developers hade when they made those commands...

--- snip ---
*yum clean packages*
	Eliminate any cached packages from the system.  Note that  pack-
	ages are not automatically deleted after they are downloaded.

*yum clean headers*
	Eliminate  all  of  the  files  which  yum uses to determine the
	remote availability of packages. Using this  option  will  force
	yum to download all the headers the next time it is run.

*yum clean all*
	Runs yum clean packages and yum clean headers as above.
--- snip ---

no reference to repos are made here.

Also, if only cleaning for enabled repos, we can't use yum to clean out it's stuff for no-longer-existing repos, which would be bad.


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