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Re: yum clean bug

> yum created that data in yum's cache directory - how can it not have 
> information about those repos - yum should ask ls or something. 
> Seriously though, yum's cache directory really should be considered 
> yum's to handle.

_YOU_ can do that all you want. I'm not going to make assumptions about
what users were intending when they disabled a repository in yum. When
the repository is disabled we leave it the hell alone. That includes its

> Other than that, we need to make tmpwatch monitor that directory too, by 
> default since it really is a tmp directory that it's app does not care 
> to clean up.

it's really not. But you can keep up with all the snide comments you


Here's where you can contribute. You could write a program to go through
and clean out that data all you want.

oh - but a word of warning - I've had a couple of different users tell
me that b/c of bandwidth constraints they have one machine that
downloads the packages into its cache then they nfs export their cache
dir out to their other linux boxes.

Hope you're program doesn't remove the data they INTENTIONALLY put


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