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Re: yum clean bug

IMHO, yum is behaving exactly as it should.  When I disable a
repository, yum has no idea why I have done it, and should not disregard
my wishes and change anything about that repository.  As for
repositories that no longer have configurations, I don't want yum making
any assumptions there, either.  I have no problems going in and cleaning
out the cache manually if space becomes an issue.  It would be easy
enough to create a cron job to do the job.  If someone wants to create a
script to go along with yum-utils or to stand alone, I would see nothing
wrong with that.  I'm sure that would be a welcomed idea.  I also
wouldn't complain about a '--sanitize' option in yum, but the current
behavior is what I would expect and want.

Patrick "The N-Man" Barnes
nman64 n-man com

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